Things to do in lockdown

Aren't you tired of watching Netflix TV series at home in quarantine? It's time to change up your routine and get your creativity flowing.

Produtive Ideas

It's a great time to improve yourself. For example, you can learn new languages. Do not think that it is difficult to take lessons in quarantine because there are helpful videos that you can get on Youtube. Or there are online courses you can take from apps like Duolingo, Camply, and Busuu. quarantine time
Or you can discover new hobbies. For instance, cooking is a good occupation. There are some great recipes you can try on Pinterest. I think it's a very entertaining occupation. Or you can start a small business by designing jewelry, painting, tutoring students online, or create a ceramic workshop at home. In this way, you both spent time and earn money.

Make changes in your life

You can make changes in your life. You can arrange or change the furniture in your home. It feels good to make changes. Or you can set goals for yourself. Depending on what you want to achieve, make a planning notebook that includes everything from cleaning, activities, diet to work, and life goals.tidying room

Start Writing

Unlike these, you can create a blog page as a website and start writing blogs there. Or you can start writing a novel. After all, you have a lot of time to think. Create a calm atmosphere and have a coffee, then start writing. Trust yourself, don't be afraid to write. Also, don't assume that nobody would read them. These writings will improve your skills and opens up your mind.
These are just a few ideas. I'm sure there are a lot more ideas to do.